Absolutely the best tanning salon I have ever been to. They keep up with changing the lights regularly. It’s extremely clean, and the spray tan machine they have is one of the most natural tans you can get. The staff is super friendly, it’s overall an amazing salon

Carolyn Fontela, June 08, 2018, Google Review

This is the best tanning salon I’ve ever been to. It is obvious that they change the bulbs when necessary as the beds are very strong. I’m never disappointed with the results after tanning in their beds. The spray tan is AMAZING and the staff is very friendly! Definitely highly recommend this tanning salon!

Sabrina Aiello, June 03, 2018, Google Review

What an amazing tanning salon! Not only do they have the BEST BEDS but the staff is welcoming and warm. I love the color I get from these tanning beds, a perfect bronze glow. The spray tan is AMAZING! This tanning salon provides me with the relaxation I need. I will never go to another tanning salon!

Brianna Rose, June 06, 2018, Google Review

I would never tan anywhere else but city tropics! It’s the CLEANEST salon there is and the beds are amazing. They constantly change there bulbs to make sure you get the best quality tan and the staff is great. I always feel welcomed and I’ve never had a bad experience coming here since I’ve started tanning. Best salon in NJ I would never go anywhere else! ☀️💜

Victoria Jane, June 08, 2018, Google Review

Love this place! I’ve been a member for over a year now. From the beginning I loved the professionalism and the time the staff took to explain to me the different beds and what was good or not good for my skin tone. They have a great selection of beds and amazing versa spray tan machines. Definitely worth checking out.

Jairo Arias, June 01, 2018, Google Review

I love,love,love this place. they have the best beds and the best prices with no hidden cost like so many other places do. all the prices are tax already included and there are no eft plans or commitments. the salon is super clean and the girls that work there are so nice and always helpful. they got me to do the versaspa spray tan and now i do it once a week on top of my bed tanning. i recomend this tanning salon to everyone !!!!!!!!

alexus, July 16, 2013, rutherford

If you want a tanning salon with no scams and great beds that give you a perfect bronze color I recommend City Tropics in North Arlington or Nutley. For my wedding I started tanning here. In my white dress I looked so perfectly tan. The staff is remarkable and very helpful. Best tanning salon in New Jersey. Go and try City Tropics.

Debbie Alfano- Heimur, March 30, 2013

I have been to so many tanning salons in New Jersey and new york . I was disappointed most of the time . City tropics offers excellent customer service clean beds with fresh towels ,coffee a relaxing ambience I recommend city tropics to all my friends and hoteliers. If you are looking for state of the art beds or spray tanning trust me come and try City tropics.

Vivian Alemany, January 28, 2013

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